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Ref.# T1

Contract Type: Full time
Reference Number: T1
Salary: £ 30,805 (F2 salary) + on calls
Employment start: February 2018

This is a unique opportunity to start your career in the UK as a GP or Psychiatry trainee.
New graduates are welcome to apply in case if the 12 months internship is completed before graduating the medical university.
Essential Requirements:
– Primary medical qualification
– Eligibility to register with the GMC
– Good English language skills: demonstrable skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking in English that enable effective communication about medical topics with patients and colleagues 
– Strong commitment to one of the following fields of medicine: Psychiatry or GP
Salary: £ 30,805 (F2 salary) + on calls
Location: North East England and North West England
Information about being a Psychiatrist:
Mental illness is extremely common – far more prevalent than most people realise. Research suggests that 1 person in 4 will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. This kind of illness, therefore, ranks alongside cardiovascular disorders and cancer as one of the biggest health problems.
Why should you train to be a psychiatrist?
Doctors interested in treating psychiatric disorders are attracted to the profession for a number of reasons:
It is innovative, exciting and rewarding
UK training schemes for would-be psychiatrists are some of the most high-quality and well-structured on offer
Working conditions are flexible, with many opportunities for part-time working, making it attractive to doctors with families, caring responsibilities and/or those who are interested in a portfolio career’
You can work in a range of different settings, including hospitals, the community, schools, special units, residential homes and even prisons.

How to become a Psychiatrist
1.       Medical degree (usually 5 years)
2.       Foundation training (2 years): After medical school you will spend 2 years working in a hospital as a ‘foundation programme trainee.’ This will extend the knowledge and skills you have gained as a medical student.
3.       Specialty training (usually 6 years): On completion of your foundation programme you will undertake six years of specialty training; three year core training programme (CT1-CT3) and three years in a higher training programme (ST4-ST6):
The current post we advertise is the equivalent of F2 (point 2 above). After completing one year in this post you will be able to apply for the core training programme (point 3 above).
Information about being a GP:
There are over 1.3 million GP consultations every day in the UK, most of which take place in a GP surgery or within the patient’s home. GPs occasionally work as part of teams attached to hospitals with roles in accident and emergency centres, discharge planning and in unscheduled care (such as urgent care centres). In the community they may run clinics in schools and in residential and nursing care homes
How to become a GP
The full training programme for general practice currently lasts a minimum of three years. Selection takes place before entry to ST1 (after the foundation programme). Training includes 18 -24 months working as a specialty registrar in a range of jobs in hospital specialties such as obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, geriatric medicine, accident and emergency or psychiatry.
You will then spend an additional 12-18 months as a GP Specialty Registrar in General Practice. A significant proportion of the trainees in general practice are training on less than full time basis.
Interviews for both the Psychiatry and GP posts will take place in Budapest between 29th September – 2nd October 2017. The interviews are anticipated to consist of 4 x 10-minute stations.

To apply:
Please send your CV mentioning reference T1 at info@phd-jobs.net
Contact person: Vitaly Pryadka
Tel.: +44 20 8144 2822
Web: https://www.phd-jobs.net


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